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Software Engineering
Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2023
Woven by Toyota is building mobility for a safer, happier and more sustainable world. A subsidiary of Toyota, Woven by Toyota develops and invests in new technologies, software, and business models that transform how we live, work and move. With a focus on software-defined vehicles, automated driving, data-driven intelligence, security, mobility services, embedded platforms, AI, and more, we build on Toyota's legacy of trust and safety to deliver mobility solutions for all.
For nearly a century, Toyota has been delivering products and services that improve lives. Its earliest offerings, which automated the simple manual task of weaving, have evolved into the safe, reliable, connected automobiles we enjoy and depend on today. Woven by Toyota is an integral part of Toyota’s vision for the next 100 years—a world where mobility is easier, safer and more enjoyable for more people.
Our unique global culture weaves modern Silicon Valley innovation and time-tested Japanese quality craftsmanship and operational excellence. These complementary strengths enable us to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology at scale—optimizing for safety, advancing clean energy and elevating well-being. We envision a human-centered future where world-class technology solutions expand global access to mobility, amplify the capabilities of drivers, and empower humanity to thrive.
[Description of team mission and challenges, motivators]
The robotics team is responsible for developing robotic technologies that will be key for realizing "Mobility of Goods" at home, and testing the integrated systems at Woven City. We are not a research team but rather a team for developing future key technologies for innovative home robot systems. Therefore we focus on technologies that can be applied to real world problems, and we are trying to evaluate those technologies as part of an integrated robotic system. We have close collaboration with the mechanical and electrical engineering team for hardware development. We also have close interaction with Woven's logistics robot software group and the robotics groups in TRI (Toyota Research Institute).
For more information about Woven City, please visit: https://www.woven-city.global/
[Description of "persona" of the candidate]
We are looking for talented engineers who can suggest, implement, and validate ideas to make a solid software foundation (e.g., libraries, productivity tools, CI pipelines) to help other engineers and researchers work productively. We expect them to work as full-stack engineers with knowledge across backend and frontend. They must be able to plan and prioritize tasks not only by pursuing software engineering perspectives, but also by considering the actual demands, impacts, and deadlines. They must have the ability to learn various fields of software engineering even if some of those fields are unfamiliar to them.


  • Work as a leading software engineer who designs and develops the fundamental software enabling continuous research and development for robots, through prototyping various applications and libraries with outstanding hands-on skills.
  • Work with multiple teams and suggest ideas to solve pain points of development based on the actual requirements, needs, impacts, and feedback.
  • Suggest and compare various technical choices to achieve and validate software concepts as quickly as possible.
  • Support and influence other engineers to ensure that best software development practices are followed across the teams through code reviews, design discussions and casual conversations.
  • Work autonomously as a member of the scrum team and help maximize team productivity.


  • Education Background - MS in computer science, or related fields.
  • Experience with full stack development across backend and frontend codebases and strong software development skill demonstrated by a proven track record
  • Experience of team development - practical experience with improving team productivity (e.g., Coding style management, code review policy, continuous integration, codebase design, CI pipeline, build tools, and any other activities to make development environments healthier)
  • Deep understanding of some of the following topics: Parallel computing, IPC, network, database, cloud computing, backend, and frontend, so that appropriate technical decisions can be made.
  • Proficiency in business level English.


  • Experience in developing robot applications and system software.
  • Experience with ROS 1/2, and/or other robotics frameworks.
  • Experience with cloud systems.
  • Various knowledge of API design, software design, and software architecture.
If you are currently located outside of Japan we will set up an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.
・Competitive Salary - Based on skills and experience
・Work Hours - Flexible working time with NO core-hours
・Paid Holiday - 20 days per year (prorated)
・Sick Leave - 6 days per year (prorated)
・Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holidays, and other days defined by the company
・Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers’ Comp, and Unemployment Insurance, Long-term care insurance)
・In-house Training Program (software study/language study)
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Our Commitment
・We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity.
・We pledge that any information we receive from candidates will be used ONLY for the purpose of hiring assessment.