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Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2023
Woven by Toyota is building mobility for a safer, happier and more sustainable world. A subsidiary of Toyota, Woven by Toyota develops and invests in new technologies, software, and business models that transform how we live, work and move. With a focus on software-defined vehicles, automated driving, data-driven intelligence, security, mobility services, embedded platforms, AI, and more, we build on Toyota's legacy of trust and safety to deliver mobility solutions for all.
For nearly a century, Toyota has been delivering products and services that improve lives. Its earliest offerings, which automated the simple manual task of weaving, have evolved into the safe, reliable, connected automobiles we enjoy and depend on today. Woven by Toyota is an integral part of Toyota’s vision for the next 100 years—a world where mobility is easier, safer and more enjoyable for more people.
Our unique global culture weaves modern Silicon Valley innovation and time-tested Japanese quality craftsmanship and operational excellence. These complementary strengths enable us to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology at scale—optimizing for safety, advancing clean energy and elevating well-being. We envision a human-centered future where world-class technology solutions expand global access to mobility, amplify the capabilities of drivers, and empower humanity to thrive.
The Toyota Woven City is a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells to be built at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. It is envisioned as a 'living laboratory' and 'ever evolving,' incorporating various types of cutting edge technologies. At the same time, it is also 'human-centric,' that is, it is expected to keep people safe and comfortable.
Woven City's R&D team will develop innovative products and services using technologies developed by Toyota Motor Corporation.
Our mission is to:
1. Develop services and products for Woven City
2. Expand capabilities through long-term R&D
Toyota Motor Corporation has been involved in a variety of technological development in the robotics, energy, and automotive domains for a long time. Our team will leverage Toyota's hardware expertise in these fields to create new value by developing software on top of this.
Our team will develop innovative services that are essential to the city. As a first party developer, we will also build a foundation upon which third party partners can participate. Therefore, we are responsible for not just the applications but also the core software and capabilities.
Our team consists of many highly experienced members with international work experience. We strive to be open minded as we create a new culture with members from various backgrounds and nationalities. Our global team works closely with the Toyota Motor Corporation and the Toyota Research Institute in North America to develop our technologies and products.
We are seeking talented people to join us as we take on new challenges to create new products and services for the Toyota Woven City.
We are looking for an experienced engineer who can develop a Physical Security System( Security Gate System, Door Lock System, Building Management System, Gurdman System).. You will be leveraging existing systems, choosing the right technology, and setting web/cloud/IoT/infrastructure requirements. You will also evaluate the protocol, security, and cost to ensure a fully optimized design.
Join us at Woven Planet and let's write the new history together! We are waiting for you!!
Woven Planetで一緒に新しい歴史を刻みましょう! 私たちはあなたを待っています!!!


  • Design/development of Cloud and Web System Dev/Ops
  • Verify and validate the functionality of the applications
  • Improve the applications based on data driven user testing
  • Exercise technical judgment working with large, cross-functional teams
  • Improve technical level of team members
  • クラウド・Webシステムの設計・開発 Dev/Ops
  • アプリケーションの機能の検証・妥当性確認
  • データ駆動型のユーザーテストに基づくアプリケーションの改善
  • 大規模で機能横断的なチームでの技術的判断の行使
  • チームメンバーの技術レベル向上


  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in developing Web Systems, including device connectivity, and leading, managing, and developing high-performance teams
  • Software development experience in HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript, and related frameworks like React.js
  • Experience and knowledge of Cloud services(AWS, GCP, Azure, Aribaba)
  • Experience and knowledge in using various development and testing facilities for efficient Dev/Ops team building (Git, GitHub, Docker and CI/CD tools experiences in similar tools will be considered)
  • Business level proficiency in English or Japanese ( Passion to develop English skill )
  • デバイス接続などのWebシステムの開発とハイパフォーマンスなチームの指導、管理、育成の実務経験5年以上
  • HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript, React.jsなどの関連フレームワークでのソフトウェア開発経験
  • クラウドサービス(AWS、GCP、Azure、Aribaba)の経験・知識
  • 効率的なDev/Opsチーム構築のための各種開発・テスト設備の利用経験・知識(Git、GitHub、Docker、CI/CDツールは類似のツール経験も考慮します)
  • ビジネスレベルの英語力または日本語力 (英語力向上への情熱)


  • 5+ years of technical cross-functional program / project experience with multiple dependencies and constraints (defining projects, identifying risks, managing cost, coordinating scope, identifying dependencies, scheduling, test processes)
  • Familiarity with authentication methods such as NFC, QR codes, facial recognition, etc.
  • Software development experience in Java/C#/C++/C/Go-Lang/Python
  • Experience and knowledge of TCP/UDP (communication, data collection and device control), RTP (image / sound data streaming), HTTP, Web API(REST), Kafka, AMQT, MQTT, RDBMS / NoSQL
  • Experience and knowledge of RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485, AMQP, NFC etc…
  • 5年以上の技術的な部門横断的なプログラム/プロジェクト経験(複数の依存関係や制約がある場合)(プロジェクトの定義、リスクの特定、コスト管理、範囲の調整、依存関係の特定、スケジュール管理、テストプロセスなど
  • NFC、QRコード、顔認証などの認証方式に精通していること
  • Java/C#/C++/Go-Lang/Pythonでのソフトウェア開発経験
  • TCP/UDP(通信、データ収集、デバイス制御)、RTP(画像/音声データストリーミング)、HTTP、Web API(REST)、Kafka、AMQT、MQTT、RDBMS/NoSQLに関する経験・知識
If you are currently located outside of Japan we will set up an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.
・Competitive Salary - Based on skills and experience
・Work Hours - Flexible working time with NO core-hours
・Paid Holiday - 20 days per year (prorated)
・Sick Leave - 6 days per year (prorated)
・Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holidays, and other days defined by the company
・Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers’ Comp, and Unemployment Insurance, Long-term care insurance)
・In-house Training Program (software study/language study)
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Our Commitment
・We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity.
・We pledge that any information we receive from candidates will be used ONLY for the purpose of hiring assessment.