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Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2023
Woven by Toyota is building mobility for a safer, happier and more sustainable world. A subsidiary of Toyota, Woven by Toyota develops and invests in new technologies, software, and business models that transform how we live, work and move. With a focus on software-defined vehicles, automated driving, data-driven intelligence, security, mobility services, embedded platforms, AI, and more, we build on Toyota's legacy of trust and safety to deliver mobility solutions for all.
For nearly a century, Toyota has been delivering products and services that improve lives. Its earliest offerings, which automated the simple manual task of weaving, have evolved into the safe, reliable, connected automobiles we enjoy and depend on today. Woven by Toyota is an integral part of Toyota’s vision for the next 100 years—a world where mobility is easier, safer and more enjoyable for more people.
Our unique global culture weaves modern Silicon Valley innovation and time-tested Japanese quality craftsmanship and operational excellence. These complementary strengths enable us to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology at scale—optimizing for safety, advancing clean energy and elevating well-being. We envision a human-centered future where world-class technology solutions expand global access to mobility, amplify the capabilities of drivers, and empower humanity to thrive.
The Toyota Woven City is a fully connected ecosystem to be built at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. It is envisioned as a ‘living laboratory’ and ‘ever evolving,’ incorporating various types of cutting edge technologies. At the same time, it is also ‘human-centric,’ that is, it is expected to keep people safe and comfortable. Our mission is to guide every single business and service of Woven City to most effectively and passionately move forward towards each operation phase of the ever-evolving city.
The Toyota Woven City contains 10+ key strategic focus areas and each of them will establish and demonstrate a new service incorporating cutting edge technologies. Our aim is to provide a place for ‘living laboratory’ for people who want to challenge a new service, and realize well-being through experiences that make them want to live, continue to live, and want to come back to this city again.
This role reports to the Lead of City Leasing Planning.
For more information about Woven City, please visit: https://www.woven-city.global/
トヨタ・ウーブンシティには10以上の重要な戦略的フォーカスエリアがあり、それぞれ最先端の技術を駆使して新しいサービスを立ち上げ、実証していく予定です。私たちは新しいサービスに取り組む人々がチャレンジしたいと思えるような実証実験の場を提供し、この街に住んでみたい/住み続けたい/また住みたいと思える体験を通したWell beingな生活を実現させることを目指しています。
当該ポジションのレポートラインはLead of City Leasing Planningです。
One of the Toyota Woven City’s concepts is ‘human-centric’. So it’s necessary to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable space for people who actually live and work as participants in ‘living laboratory’. This position is an important role in formulating sales strategies with a view from mid. to long-term city growth perspective, as well as taking ownership from planning to implementation of tenant management. We are looking for someone who can embody the value of an unprecedented space called ‘living laboratory’ with people inside and outside the company, and who can improve operations day by day from the real voice of people who are active in an ‘ever-evolving city’.


  • Planning a well-balanced revenue and expenditure plan from a mid. to long-term perspective
  • Planning a leasing strategy for people who living in Toyota Woven City
  • Tenant management planning and create actual operations
  • (After opening) Actual operation of tenant management that values feedback from people active in the city and implements agile improvement.
  • 中長期的な視点でバランスの取れた収支計画の立案
  • ウーブンシティで生活する人々に向けたリーシング戦略の立案
  • テナントマネジメント企画と運営オペレーション構築
  • (開所後)街で活動する人々からのフィードバックを大切にしアジャイルな改善を織り込むテナントマネジメントの実運営


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or same level experience
  • 5+ years of work experience in complex tenant management
  • Excellent Japanese skills (Necessary for communication with Japan domestic companies) and Conversational English skills
  • A person who sympathizes with our philosophy of the project and can act with the success of the project as the first priority.
  • A person who proposes logical solutions to unprecedented problems and leads them to concrete actions with a positive attitude
  • Mind to enjoy speed and energy, such as a start-up work environment
  • 関連分野の学士号もしくは同等の経験
  • 複合施設におけるテナントマネジメントにおける5年以上の実務経験
  • 高い日本語力(国内企業とのやり取りが発生するため必須)と、会話が可能なレベルの英語力
  • プロジェクトの理念に共感し、プロジェクトの成功を第一に考え行動できる人
  • 前例のない課題に対し、論理的な解決策を提案し前向きな姿勢で具体的なアクションに結びつける人
  • スピードと活気、スタートアップ的な職場環境を楽しめる気質


  • Practical experience consistently involved in multiple commercial facilities and complex facilities from concept planning to opening and operation
  • Experience in budget management / income and expenditure management of commercial facilities and complex facilities
  • Real estate-related qualifications such as real estate transaction specialist, certified property manager, financial planners, etc.
  • 複数の商業施設や複合施設のコンセプト企画から開業・運営まで一貫して携わった実務経験
  • 商業施設や複合施設の予算管理/収支管理業務経験
  • 宅地建物取引士、賃貸不動産経営管理士、ファイナンシャルプランナー等の不動産関連資格
If you are currently located outside of Japan we will set an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.
・Competitive Salary - Based on skills and experience
・Work Hours - Flexible working time with NO core-hours
・Paid Holiday - 20 days per year (prorated)
・Sick Leave - 6 days per year (prorated)
・Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holidays, and other days defined by the company
・Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers’ Comp, and Unemployment Insurance, Long-term care insurance)
・In-house Training Program (software study/language study)
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