Senior Data Scientist at Clutter
Los Angeles, CA, US
We are looking for a Data scientist to help us understand and shape our business. You will collaborate with teams of engineers, product managers, and business leaders to improve every aspect of our technology. You will be doing research and experimentation to optimize our sales funnel, build algorithms to automate dispatching and routing, design machine learning models to analyze customer's inventory. The ideal candidate will have a strong quantitative background, be able to tackle abstract business and engineers problems with enthusiasm and Clutter's energetic pace.

Sample projects include:

predicting our revenue growth, and developing pricing models
predicting job arrival times
developing efficient dispatching algorithms for our fleet of trucks and movers
predicting the odds of a lead conversion so we can prioritize their correspondence with a sale agent
classifying items so we recognize an item as a ‘chair’

Core Skills We Require

3+ years industry experience developing machine learning models at scale from inception to production.
understanding of various machine learning or prediction techniques and their mathematical underpinnings such as classification, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.
ability to tailor solutions to business problems and be able to explain the solution in a cross functional team
strong programming skills such as Python, R, or Scala
experience with with distributed machine learning framework such as spark

Plusses include any of the following

Python, Ruby, or Java programming experience
Done quantitive or statistical analysis
Enjoying life and generally having a good time