VP of People at TrackR
Santa Barbara, CA, US
TrackR gives the task of remembering where items are located to computers. The company does this by creating small wireless tracking devices that interact with software applications running on mobile devices and remote servers. The company has shipped over a 3.5 million devices, is listed #155 on the Inc 500 and has raised over $8.7 million from Foundry Group, Amazon, Resolute Ventures, IncWell Capital, and others.
Job Description
TrackR has experienced tremendous growth and become a market leader without a dedicated VP of People. Their success is attributed to the strong leadership of their team (founders, employees, board and investors), as well as the innovations they have pioneered within this new category.

As the first VP of People at TrackR, you would have the opportunity to further develop TrackR’s category-leading team and implement practices to build a world class culture that is able recruit and retain the very best people.

This opportunity is in no way about status quo. Smart tracking is the next significant consumer electronics area, and in essence, the new Fitbit with an even larger addressable market. With Best Buy, Brookstone, and over 20 other retailers already beginning to sell TrackR devices, the company outlook is extremely bullish.

We are seeking an exceptional HR leader to join the executive team at TrackR directing all efforts related to HR, culture, and recruiting. This includes all related decisions around HR, building HR systems, building the TrackR culture, building recruiting and retention systems, and helping build a company that can scale from fifty to over a thousand people.

This individual should be an analytically driven, resourceful, and have a breadth of experience in HR matters

This is an entrepreneurial company with no bureaucracy, just forward progress and results.

The primary areas of focus are…

Creating HR systems and compliance

Work with the CEO, finance, and operations teams to create a worldclass HR system that can scale as the company continues to grow at an incredible rate

Build systems that will retain and expand TrackR Culture

TrackR prides themselves on a culture of getting things done, frugality, and putting the customer first. We want to create better onboarding experiences for our team members and create events that will encourage this culture as the company expands

Build a Recruiting Machine

With our Santa Barbara location, TrackR is located in a dynamic entrepreneurial eco-system with fierce competition for top tier talent. We need to create systems that will enable TrackR to compete for world class talent from companies around the world

Build Retention Programs

With large amounts of training and investment we put into our team members, we want to create programs that create clear career paths for our team

Additional Qualifications

· You must be based in the Santa Barbara office.

· Start Up Experience. Preferably have scaled from companies sub 50 people to over 200 people

· This role will demand a high IQ, and the executive needs to be able to function with high performing, driven, smart people on executive team.

· Comfortable owning the number, being in the details of driving results.
Additional Information
Perks of TrackR

Downtown Santa Barbara based start-up
Flexible vacation/sick days
Medical Insurance and 401k plan
Work in the Consumer Electronics field
Office snacks and drinks
Friday team lunches, with weekly presentations from different departments