Engineering Intern at Mixmax
San Francisco, CA, US
At Mixmax, our mission is building the impossible: a next-gen communications platform to make professional communications as rich, interactive, and developer-friendly as the web. We’re looking for talented full-stack engineers to join us in this mission.

We’re currently hiring interns for terms as early as Fall ‘16 and as late as Summer ‘17. We ask interns to commit to three months at minimum.

What will I be working on?

As an intern you’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, and shipping independent end-to-end projects alongside the rest of the team. We’re a small but very skilled team deeply invested in your professional development. You will have the ability to contribute to broad strategic discussions. We want to help you learn how a successful software startup operates.

What you might work on:

Build features for our desktop Electron app built in Meteor.js
Scale our backend service to send many millions of messages a day
Maintain an elastic distributed infrastructure built on top of AWS
Build large scale data processing pipelines for indexing content
Continuously find opportunities to improve performance, and increase reliability & quality
Core technologies: ES6, Backbone, NodeJS, Jasmine, Express, Mongo, Redis, Meteor, Electron.

What are you looking for in a team member?

Your specialization is less important than your ability to learn fast and adapt to shifting technologies. We’re especially fond of people who:

Focus on project goals, not just writing code.
Iterate until customers love what you’ve built, and pay for it.
Have a hacker mindset and master the fine art of balancing time, features, and quality of code. You know when to unit test and when to “just ship it”.
Strive to grow personally and professionally, beyond just expanding technical abilities.
Love to experiment with new technology and share knowledge with the team.
Represent the team and product at conferences.
If you are a member of an under-represented group in technology, we strongly encourage you to apply.

What’s it like to work at Mixmax?

Mixmax is not your typical “work hard / play hard” start-up. We are responsible adults who value personal and professional growth equally. We take care of ourselves, our families, our customers and one another. We believe in sustainable and diverse approaches to work and life, because optimizing for the long-term is the best path to success. As a team, we built multi-million dollar products with this balance in mind.

As a founding team member, you’ll wear multiple hats, embrace ambiguity, and take charge leading complex projects. You’ll have the support of an experienced team who’ve built multi-million dollar products and services. This is exceptionally challenging work, but will be the most meaningful and rewarding of your career.

Our office is in San Francisco near Caltrain. We offer competitive salaries, meaningful equity, and generous health, dental, vision, and fitness reimbursement benefits.

How do I apply?

Send us a beautiful Mixmax email describing your interests and experience (e.g., GitHub, LinkedIn, resume). Or click the button below (but we’d prefer the Mixmax email, of course).